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You will find in this directory free websites and courses to learn and study languages. This space is dedicated to teachers and students who search for ressources to teach or learn languages. You yourself can add ressources by simply clicking on "Submit" at any time. We do suggest that you sign up in the "member zone" so that you can keep control on your favorites. You can contact us if you do not find the desired category  or if you want to create a new one.

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  ThaiNumbers : free software

ThaiNumbers : free software Program for learning the Thai numbers | Details | hits : 5 |
Category : Home > Thai courses

  PROVALINGUA : free language software

PROVALINGUA : free language software

ProvaLingua is a language drill system that can be used for any language. Both vocabulary and grammar drills are included, as well as "learn while you work" tickers and a matching game. Any language may be used, but the software includes word sets for French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, plus a set for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) study. Grammar tools are available for French, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish. | Details | hits : 79 |

  Learn Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, read and write hanzi easily

Learn Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, read and write hanzi easily

  • Are you a student willing to pass your Chinese language exams (HSK)?
  • Do you have to assimilate basic Chinese very fast for business reasons?
  • Do you expect to travel in China and/or discover the Chinese culture?
  • Learn Chinese 2008 will help you enhance your fluency in Chinese and follow your progression :

    Beginner : Focus on the most frequent characters
    Intermediate : Regularly Add words to your custom word lists to follow your progress
    Advanced : Find any character in the 25,000-word dictionary using the search engine | Details | hits : 40 |

  VOCA free language software

VOCA free language software Voca can be used for any language. You only need a word list, which you can create yourself or download from this website. It’s easy to upload your own word lists and you are encouraged to share your work with other users. At the online forum you may find fellow language students and native speakers to talk to. | Details | hits : 45 |

  An DROUIZIG : softwares in breton

An DROUIZIG : softwares in breton Welcome to the An DROUIZIG web page, a non profit association devoted to promoting the use of the Breton language in the new technologies area, only. | Details | hits : 9 |


EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes | Details | hits : 21 |

  Imagemo, images and words

Imagemo, images and words Imagemo is a free personalizable software which helps to learn how to read based on the connection between an image and a word..
It is based on 4 activities :
- Association between a word and an image
- Classification of words beginning by a letter
- Rewriting of a word with letters chosen on a keyboard
- Playing memory game with image, images and text or just text. | Details | hits : 127 |

  Sayz Me: Free Text To Speech Software

Sayz Me: Free Text To Speech Software Sayz Me is a free text to speech reader for Windows. Copy any text and let the software do the reading on screen for you. Let the computer talk. Great accessibily software that can magnify any page text. Uses the Microsoft speech engine and voices. Best of all its free. Download here. | Details | hits : 13 |